Receiving jewelry as a gift is always a good thing, but buying your own jewelry also has its positive side. You can have a greater domain and choose something that matches your personal style, the jewel is a symbol of femininity and power, elevates self-esteem and conveys a woman’s personality.

In recent years, women are increasingly buying their jewelry and a fact that explains this is financial independence and the freedom to choose a prop that fits different environments.

Much more than an ornament, the jewel also has a history and to carry it around the neck, in the hands or ears, it makes everything even more special and shows how strong women are.

With a wealth of details, to choose a jewel you have to think, we list what are the trends for women to buy their own jewelry.

1 – Jewelry with emotional value

Ring jewelry

Women are sentimental and value buying jewelry at special moments and important occasions, this makes the jewelry have a greater emotional value, be it a necklace or ring it will have an important meaning.

These jewels are usually passed on from generation to generation.

2 – They value good material

Choosing a jewel meticulously is a trend that a woman makes when buying jewelry, are detailed when checking and choosing a good material and precious stones.

A jewel has added value and long duration, so they are so valued and add beauty to the look.

Being visually beautiful is great, but having quality is what makes women want to buy a certain piece of jewelry.

3Classic and versatile jewelry are women’s preferences

A woman knows how classic and versatile jewelry can be and they value them when they go shopping for their own jewelry.

A pearl necklace or earring with a light point are some of those ornaments that go beyond decades and still remain current and contemporary, besides allowing great versatility when using.

4 – Earring is the jewel that women buy the most

The earring appeared around 1590 and since then it is a widely used item, with different sizes and colors, the earring is the jewel that women buy and wear the most, this type of adornment stands out easily on the ear and attributes elegance and delicacy to the face, traditional earrings are preferred by women, but trends such as ear cuff are also widely used to differentiate the look.

5Like to wear current jewelry

The jewelry segment has existed for thousands of years, before it was part of an inherited heritage, nowadays it is considered mainly as an aesthetic adornment, consequently, it is a field that is updated frequently and those who buy their own jewelry.

Wears classic jewelry, but they also like current trends, like the little finger ring and the colored stones, are jewels that reappear in fashion but that is part of the jewelry box of the woman of today, who knows how to make good choices according to her personality.