It’s that time of the year again; The nip in the air is undeniable. Shops are bursting with plaid pajamas and elf-themed every thing. Christmas lights adorn every front yard, and candles are lit on the menorah for Hanukkah. The leaves that had turned golden in autumn are now laden with snow.

The weather may be the same but the season feels different. Warm bear hugs have been replaced by elbow bumps and smiling faces are covered by masks. People gather in small groups and aren’t seeing their grandparents just to keep them safe. December looks the same but feels a whole lot different this year.  The Covid-19 crisis may have altered holiday shopping and halted the bevy of cocktail parties and family gatherings, but the tradition of gift-giving remains the same. In fact, in these uncertain times perhaps, this ritual feels more important because it tells your loved that they are still important to you. Whilst a gift can’t replace the personal touch or human interaction, it can still say “till we meet again, I care.”

These are great trends for gifts this year.

  1. Pearls

Theres nothing quite so regal as pearls. These iridescent beauties spell class and stature at one glance. They pair well with any look and elevate even a sweater and jeans to feel Vogue-worthy. One good strand of pearls can last a lifetime and can be worn with every type of outfit. Royal and sophisticated, a pair of pearl earrings, a pearl necklace or even a bracelet is perfect for the woman in your life who is understated but still likes to stand out.

  1. Tennis Bracelets

This may seem like a cliché and over done but everyone should own one good tennis bracelet. Its perfect for everyday wear and fancy parties. And in this quarantine period it feels like the perfect reminder around your wrist, that there is still beauty and normalcy in this world. This seemingly banal piece of jewelry is sometimes the reason you feel sane in topsy-turvy time. It can be passed from generation to generation and can be customized to fit every budget size.

  1. Cocktail Rings 

Jazz up that Zoom call with friends and family with a bright colored diamond cocktail ring. Flash an emerald or ruby and make a simple black dress look festive and expensive. You don’t have to be at a cocktail party to wear a beautiful cocktail ring. In fact, any room you walk into becomes a party when you slip one onto your fingers. This pieces dazzles and brightens your mood and outfit. 

  1. Layered Necklaces

Whether its different lengths of gold necklaces arranged around your neck or a choker and a long Opera length – the layered necklace look is here to stay. You can mix and match different metals and jewels and create a look that Cleopatra would envy. This trend is normally done with costume jewelry but feel free to open up your jewelry box and pull out your heirloom pieces or new gifts.

This Holiday Season is all about investing in yourself and your loved ones. Its about bringing joy and cheer to people who have brought so much love to you and to express what they mean to you. It’s adding sparkle to a grim atmosphere and making troubled times glitter and shine. Have a Happy Holidays and remember, be kind to yourself too !