The award ceremonies are always exciting and you have a great expectation to find out who will be the winners of the night. In addition to the delivery of trophies, one of the most awaited moments is when celebrities arrive and show off their exuberant looks with a lot of shine, sophisticated fabrics and voluminous modeling on the red carpet. In 2021, this scenario will be different, the main events will be broadcast completely or partially remotely, and being at home does not mean that a special look will not be necessary.

A red carpet event has always been associated with haute couture fashion, glamor and luxury are present in every detail. A well-chosen look has the ability to convey much more personality and is like a form of communication. Therefore, even though you are far away, you need to choose well what you will wear in a formal and important ceremony.

Here are three essential tips to create a perfect look for red carpet at home.

1 – Wear large jewels

Lady Gaga of Diamond Tiffany&Co. at the Oscars 2019

When watching an online event, the camera frame is usually positioned from the face to the height of the bust. To stand out during the presentation and illuminate this region, it is essential to wear large jewelry. The look itself can be more basic, and finish off with a large pendant necklace with shiny stone or a maxi earring will leave the look sophisticated and powerful. If it is a design made exclusively for the occasion, it will attract even more attention. Although it is a great jewel, it is necessary to know how to balance the composition so as not to have too much information, it is ideal that it is a complete set with earrings and necklaces.

2 – Match the necklace with the neckline of the dress

Gal Gadot wearing Tiffany & Co. necklace at the Oscars 2018

The dress is one of the most versatile and elegant clothes worn on the red carpet, but choosing inappropriate jewelry can take away the beauty of it. A necklace is the best accessory to wear, it leaves the look harmonious, bright and stands out easily, as long as it is worn respecting the natural neckline of the dress. V-neckline matches necklaces that follow the same shape, strapless neckline can be used with chokers and square neckline matches with small-rimmed necklaces. Each neckline has an ideal necklace.

3 – Jewelry of different colors from makeup colors

Lucy Boynton with Cartier earrings at the Oscars 2019

Makeup transforms the skin, highlights the features and leaves any woman even more powerful. For red carpet, the makeup must be done very well with colors suitable for each type of skin. The jewelry used must be different from the colors of the makeup so that the look is not monochromatic and simple. Balance the colors for jewelry and makeup stand out in the right measure.

An important award needs a look that is balanced from hairstyling, makeup, jewelry to clothing. It is important to try several options to find the look that matches each other and is suitable for the occasion.