A jewel made of valuable materials such as gold or diamonds will always be of high value and a symbol of luxury. But a jewel of recycled materials will also have its value, and an even greater importance for planet Earth, this is because they can be manufactured with recyclable materials or residues that have less impact on the environment and still be a beautiful jewel with emotional significance.

Allied to environmental and economic well-being, the jewels that have a sustainable concept are elegant, versatile and the strongest trend of jewels of the 21st century.

Check below what materials are used in recycled jewelry and learn new ways to use your jewelry.

1Jewelry made with electronic waste

About 50 million tonnes of electronic waste are produced each year worldwide, inside this garbage it is possible to find valuable raw materials such as gold, platinum, cobalt, niobium and silver that can be transformed into jewelry. This process in which jewelry is developed is called upcycling, the discarded electronic waste is reused in a creative way in rings, necklaces and bracelets.

2Recycled gold and silver

A sustainable alternative for jewelry development is the use of fully recycled gold and silver. These materials reduce carbon emissions, use less water during their production and have the same quality as the raw material extracted in a conventional manner. It is an excellent way to wear a jewel with innovative design and developed in a sustainable way.

3Jewelry made with waste and recycled metals

From garbage to luxury, literally, the reuse of garbage residues such as pet bottles, plastics, glass, aluminum cans is increasingly being used creatively in jewelry. This method of creation is ecological from the extraction of the raw material to the final design, and is mixed with other recycled metals that do not cause an environmental impact, the result is a very charming, ethical accessory that does not resemble garbage at all.

4Biojewels of natural and organic materials

Nature is rich in the most varied ingredients that are used in bio-jewelry, natural, organic and sustainable materials are used in them, extracted from seeds, fibers, bark, wood, stones, etc. Aesthetically they are jewels with a handmade aspect that carry an originality and highlight the beautiful details that can be found in nature.These jewels undergo a durability treatment for the natural elements to last for a long time.

5Transform old jewelry into new jewelry

Transforming an old jewelry into a new one is a possibility to reuse your old jewelry and give it a contemporary look but without losing its origin and history. In this process the accessory is melted and remodeled according to personal taste, it is usually made with gold, one of the most noble and versatile materials in jewelry. With your gold accessory, it is possible to create a new and exclusive jewel.