Stones are essential to make jewelry stand out and shine, especially if it is a stone of intense color like emerald. Discovered in the early days of civilization, emerald is one of the most precious, valuable and desired stones in the world, it is elegant and it means prosperity and heavenly love. From antiquity to the present day, emerald stone is widely used in all types of jewelry in a stunning way.

Powerful, luxurious and of great importance in the world of jewelry, the emerald is the stone used to represent people born in the month of May. Symbol of love and prosperity, the emerald leaves any sophisticated jewel, but when buying it is necessary to pay attention to all details. We have prepared a guide for you to learn how to buy emeralds.

Research the origin of the emerald

Emerald is the green color variety of the mineral Beryl, it can be found in some mines around the world. The high quality emeralds are extracted from Brazil, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Madagascar, Russia, Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe and the fine emeralds come from the Colombian mines Chivor, Coscuez and Muzo. Before buying an emerald stone, ask the jeweler about the place of origin and research to make sure it is genuine.

Analyze the shade of the emerald

Known for its intense green color, the emerald can have some variations in tone depending on the place where it is extracted and the shade is the essential characteristic that determines its quality. Most common emeralds have a bluish green or yellowish green hue, the most valuable emerald stones are those that have a purer and stronger green tone.

The emerald saturation must be strong

As important as the color is the saturation of the emerald, it determines how intense the color of the jewel will be. If the saturation is weak, the emerald will be opaque, if the saturation is strong, the emerald will be much brighter and will reflect in the light, which makes the stone more powerful.

Observe the cut

Emerald is difficult to cut, so it can exist in rectangular, oval, round or pear shaped cuts. There is no cut that is more valuable, but there are some cuts that show the color of the emerald, the saturation and make the hue stand out with shine. When buying the emerald, check if it is a quality cut that leaves the stone with good color.

Choose the size

Every precious stone has a variation in sizes, emeralds exist in small gems with 0.02 to 0.5 carats (1 to 5 mm) or stones from 1 to 5 carats (7 to 12 mm). Larger emeralds have more carats and are more expensive and it is possible to better determine quality.

Timeless and classic, emeralds can be purchased isolated or in some jewelry. Whenever you buy, carefully analyze to make sure that the stone is real and is worth the amount charged. An emerald jewel is eternal and if it is well cared for, it can span generations.