To revisit the history of cinema is to think about the most important actors who have passed through the film industry. One of the most striking Hollywood actresses of the 1950s was certainly Grace Kelly, with great beauty and talent she had unforgettable roles in cinema. Grace Kelly success surpassed films and she left Hollywood to be a part of royalty, when she married Prince Rainier III. Grace Kelly was one of the most beautiful princesses in the world and her story very much resembles a modern fairy tale. We brought some curiosities about the actress.

Cannes Festival

Grace Kelly at the Cannes Festival in 1955

The Cannes festival is the largest film festival in the world, it was created in 1946 by Jean Zay and takes place annually during the month of May in the French city of Cannes. At the festival, around 50 feature films and 30 short films are shown, divided into three categories and competing for the Golden Palm award. During the 12 days of the festival, the program is complete and reveals the names of many directors, filmmakers, and has the participation of famous personalities.

Real family

Grace Kelly meeting Prince Rainier III

In 1955, Grace Kelly went to the Cannes festival as a representative of the United States. During the event, the actress was invited to participate in the photo session with Prince Rainier III in the Principality of Monaco, soon started a relationship.The following year (1966), Grace Kelly married the Prince of Monaco and became the Princess and part of the Monegasque royal family, living in the Palace of Monaco which was 55 km from Cannes.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly

Grace Patricia Grimaldi known as Grace Kelly was born on November 12, 1929 and began her career in theater at the 10 years old. Her film career was very special, especially in the early 1950s in which she had important roles such as in the films The Country Girl, Rear Window, Dial M for Murder and To Catch a Thief that won her important awards such as Oscar and Globo of Gold. Grace Kelly acting was incredible but after she got married and became Princess of Monaco she had to abandon her acting career to fulfill her duties as a princess. Grace Kelly had three children with her husband and died tragically at the age of 52 after suffering a car accident.

Grace Kelly Royal Jewels

Grace Kelly wearing pearl jewelry Van Cleef & Arpels

Grace Kelly will be forever remembered for her beauty, elegance and femininity. The actress and princess was well dressed at all times and always wore jewelry that enhance her beauty, pearls were her true passion. When she got married, the Prince gave her a Van Cleef & Arpels wedding set with earrings, necklace, bracelet, pearl ring with diamonds. These jewels accompanied her in several events throughout her life.

Grace Kelly life was short, but long enough to be a striking figure and an eternal reference for women in the way they dress, behave and wear jewelry.