One of the most important events that brings together cinema, a lot of glamor and wonderful looks for sure is the Oscar. The ceremony that has been taking place since 1929 in the city of Los Angeles awards the best film productions annually. In addition to being an award for the delivery of trophies, the Oscar is also the perfect occasion for many celebrities to meet and show off magnificent and elegant looks on the famous red carpet.

A luxurious ceremony like this needs formal attire, and with the help of renowned stylists, celebrities always choose the best dresses with slits, shiny fabrics and extravagant designs to achieve a powerful look that stands out in the spotlight during the awards.

Below we have collected the 10 best looks used at the Oscars during these 93 editions.

1 – Audrey Hepburn – 1954

Delicacy was one of Audrey Hepburn’s most striking features, and she wore many dresses to highlight the delicate and feminine look. At the 26th edition of the Oscars, she wore a dress with a floral texture, a marked waist and a round skirt from Givenchy. That year she won the award for best actress for the role of the film “Roman Holiday”.

2 – Gwyneth Paltrow – 1999

On the day that she won the award for best actress for the role of the film “Shakespeare in Love”, Gwyneth Paltrow was dressed as a princess. The actress wore a thin, light pink straps dress from Ralph Lauren.

3 – Naomi Watts – 2004

Wearing a strapless nude dress, set with Versace diamonds, Naomi Watts was basic but refined at the Oscar that won the award for best actress.

4 – Alicia Vikander – 2016

The yellow dress with bare shoulders, marked waist and voluminous skirt by Louis Vuitton, left the actress Alicia Vikander very similar to the character in the fairy tale Bela from “Beauty and the Beast”.

5 – Angelina Jolie – 2012

The big slit in the leg made Angelina Jolie’s look more sensual and powerful, the black Versace dress is considered one of the most striking ever worn at the Oscars.

6 – Jennifer Lawrence – 2013

To receive the award for best actress, Jennifer Lawrence wear a pink dress, with a marked waist and a voluminous tail from Dior, she was elected the best dressed of the event.

7 – Lupita Nyong’o – 2014

Very light, fluid and sky-blue modeling by Prada. The dress that was tailor-made for Lupita Nyong’o made it even more beautiful and the movement of the dress when walking was successful on camera.

8 – Margot Robbie – 2018

The white Chanel Haute Couture dress was made by Karl Lagerfeld and took 600 hours to complete, 550 hours were dedicated to the bodice and embroidery that had 3D crystal camellias.

9 – Lady Gaga – 2019

The dress chosen by Lady Gaga was a tribute to Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She wore an Alexander MCQueen black dress, black gloves and necklace from Tiffany & Co.

10 – Natalie Portman 2020

In the last edition, the actress was wearing a black cape and an embroidered dress, these embroideries were the names of all the female directors who were not nominated for the Oscar 2020. The dress was from Dior