Developing a style statement of your own is tough in a world full of copycats. Endorsement junkies and competitive success stories on a fast-paced digital highway often lead to the question: what jewelry you’d like to pair with that style. While it may seem trivial to the uneducated eye, each gemstone, every metal curve, and all the glitter they provide together leaves an indelible mark on those “in the know.” While there are seas of jewelry brands out there ready to frost your body with their ware, we are taking a closer look at the jewelry brands that carry a story, a legacy, and a lot of love. Ones we believe need to be seen and worn a whole lot more!

We are kickstarting Black History Month by celebrating some of the best Black Jewelry Designers out there. Here are our top five:

  1. NAME: KHIRY ( // @khiryofficial on Instagram)


Who said luxury jewellery brands originate only in Europe? Definitely not Jameel Mohammed, whose brainchild KHIRY represents sleek beauty, the cultural architecture of his African roots, motifs from nature and bold designs. Each piece has its own style statement. 

  1. NAME: JAM+RICO ( // @jamandrico on Instagram)


Bringing her Jamaican and Puerto Rican ancestry to life, owner and founder of Jam+Rico Lisette Scott, drew inspiration from music and food that she grew up around on both islands. We can see the gems from her childhood shining in cowrie bangles, vibrant carnival-esque colors, and big, proud shapes and motifs.

  1. NAME: MATEO ( // @mateonewyork in Instagram)


Mathew Harris’ self-taught minimalist designs bring new light to the use of gemstones, diamonds, pearls and 14-carat gold. Chic, elegant and yet having a personal twist from his Jamaican heritage, Mateo is a fan-favorite of the likes of Michelle Obama and Zendaya.

  1. NAME: LELIA+MAE ( // @leliaxmaejewelry on Instagram)


Looking for brave, beautiful and brilliant? You’ve arrived. Owned and created by Nicole, LELIA+Mae celebrates her admiration of women , their magnificent boldness throughout history and their fierceness to this day. A company run entirely by women, their designs are vintage-inspired and candid in expressing Nicole’s ardent support of empowering women, especially Black women.

  1. NAME: LOLA ADE ( // @shoplolaade on Instagram)


Lola Ade, as the founder and creator of the line is called, is a Nigerian name from the Yoruba language. Lola is known for her deep respect of her heritage. Her name itself translates into ‘wealthy crown’, which she wears with pride, as she showcases her intimate collection of jewelry. Her designs are authentic, personally handcrafted and one-of-a-kind.